Sunny Marx
Sunny Marx
Audio Engineer. Lyricist. "Music is in everything that I do. I see it in everything I do; hear it in everything I hear. Music is a way of life."


Southern native, Sunny Marx was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. The city referred to as the place that birthed American Music. From B.B Kings Blues to Elvis' Jail House Rock, Memphis' rich musical history runs deep in Sunny Marx music. From the dark rolling drums of 3/6 Mafia to the gritty, soulful melodies of Al Green, Sunny Marx embodies and reflects southern fried music. In 2006, he began his creative career with a korg drum pad and an M-Audio keyboard. With no previous musical history, the beginning was countless hours of feeling around in the dark, experimenting and learning fundamentals. Over time, the dedication and persistence began to show and ultimately became the Sunny Marx sound we now know. Throughout his creative career, Sunny has collaborated with well known Memphis artist as well as local and nationwide underground artist. Several of his projects have even gained praise from the likes of The Weeknd, 6LACK and Guardians Of The Galaxy writer and director James Gunn.


Michael Jackson, Outkast, Marvin Gaye, 3/6 Mafia, Goodie Mob, Al Green, Talib Kwali & Hi-Tek, R. Kelly, The Weeknd, Big KRIT, 6LACK, Belly.

Past Collaborations

  • 3/6 Mafia - Engineering
  • Gangsta Blac - Engineering
  • Mista Ian - Engineering
  • Tom Skeemask - Engineering
  • Reggie Bean - Engineering/Production
  • Jon Rule - Production
  • The Weeknd - The Hills Remix
  • Chance Edmaiston - Production
  • The Weeknd - Dirty Diana Remix
  • Arthur Frank Howard lll - Production
  • The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends Remix


Be kind and feed your soul.

Favorite Artists

All time favorite would be Michael Jackson. He's the ultimate in my opinion.

Currently, my top 3 would be The Weeknd, 6LACK & Belly. Those 3 gentlemen are in a league of their own.

Flashback some years - Outkast, Goodie Mob, R. Kelly, DMX, etc.

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